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A Popular Style

Recently a particularly large number of very nice overland maps has appeared on the Profantasy forum – and they were all done in the April’s Annual style by Herwin Wielink. Apparently the style is especially well-suited for creating quick and beautiful maps. Here is a little gallery:

Local Region Map
Local Region Map by community member Modric
The tidally-locked world Thraalion by community member Clercon
Whalebones Islands
Map of the Whalebones Islands (Forgotten Realms) by community member Eranthius

Neverwinter Region
Map of the Neverwinter Region (Forgotten Realms) by community member Dargurd
Batazan Map by community member FarsightX3
Sagorike map my community member Clercon

If you – like some members of the Profantasy crew – prefer your seas more blue and balmy, here is a neat little trick to adjust your ocean color: Add an RGB Matrix effect to the BACKGROUND sheet, using the values shown below.
RGB Matrix - Blue Sea

A Balmy Ocean
Blue Sea

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